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Sunday, December 22, 2019


Nombre del modelo: Ye Jiayi I discovered that when lies speak, they speak twice as much as a truth on the front page. That songs describe every moment of life and that heaven is not always heavenly. I discovered that the sun does not always shine, and that not always after the storm comes calm. That many people change and change for the worse. I discovered that nothing compares to a hug at your worst, and less could be compared if that hug is from someone you love, need, appreciate. That time sometimes heals and sometimes not. I discovered that sometimes the best advice is from people who don't even know a little about you. That one becomes strong with pain and that everything else is of less importance. I discovered that it is necessary to learn to love and learn to love before it is too late. That the things that are done at the wrong time are not well done. I discovered that the worst thing that can happen to a person is to repent, but perhaps worse may be not being able to remedy it. I discovered that many times we wait for time and time does not wait for us. That sometimes "time to time" is not the best option.

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