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Saturday, November 2, 2019

White Mood

Model: 嫩模神似吉冈里帆 (Gang Lifan)
A samurai, known to all for his nobility and honesty, went to visit a Zen monk for advice, however, as soon as he entered the temple where the teacher prayed, he felt inferior, and concluded that despite having passed All his life fighting for justice and peace, he had not even approached the state of grace of the man in front of him. -Why am I feeling so inferior? - he asked, as soon as the monk had finished praying. - I already faced many times with death, defended the weakest, I know I have nothing to be ashamed of. However, when I saw him meditating, I felt that my life was of no importance. -Wait. As soon as I have attended to all who have sought me today, I will give you the answer. Throughout the day the samurai sat in the temple garden, watching as people entered and left in search of advice. He saw how the monk treated everyone with the same patience and the same bright smile on his face. But his mood went from bad to worse, because he was born to act, not to wait. At night, when everyone had already left, he insisted: -Can you teach me now? The teacher invited him in and took him to his room. The full moon shone in the sky and the whole atmosphere breathed a deep tranquility. -Do you see this moon, how beautiful it is? She will cross the entire sky and tomorrow the sun will shine again. Only the sunlight is much stronger and manages to show the details of the landscape that we have in front of us; Trees, mountains, clouds. I've watched the two for years, and I never heard the moon say, "Why don't I have the same brightness as the sun?" Is it perhaps that I am inferior to him? "Of course not," replied the samurai, "the moon and the sun are two different things, and each one has its own beauty." We cannot compare the two. -Then, you know the answer. We are two different people, each fighting in his own way for what he believes, and doing his best to make this world better; The rest are just appearances.

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