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Sunday, November 3, 2019


Poy Concept : Little Sexy 
Model : เบญจวรรณ สิทธิมาต
 Photographer : Sirawit Maneekul Throughout my life I have discovered many things about myself, about the world and about people. Over the years I learned to become strong, cold and someone with a breastplate that didn't let anyone break. And it went well, until I decided to take it off and be as it really was. After that, I realized again that I was different from the rest, that I trusted others too much and always ended up breaking for those who did not deserve it. I have lost many things, people and moments that I know I will not recover. But in the process I have also seen that independence is the current mold of people. Fear overwhelms them, they act on it. That egoism moves the world when, in fact, love should. And that is why I now know that for someone to deserve to know me, they must first show me that it is worth it. I have learned that the only one who is going to think about me is me, and that needing someone today is synonymous with weakness.

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