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Saturday, November 9, 2019


Nombre del modelo: Wang Ruier Goddess Wang Ruier. Black lace underwear, the curve shows incomparably dripping. She slowly floats from the bottom of the water, slowly open the eyes of the soul, the drops of water across the ruby lips. Dropped enough On the twin peaks, there is also a soaked golden bikini. Like the fatal geeks around Bond. The loose white shirt, the long legs are still screaming, the last group of special gyms. I want to tell you that I remember you a lot, almost most of the day, that being in my room is seeing you in every corner; sitting at the table next to the window smoking a tobacco, lying on my bed right next to me hugging me, standing dressing before you left ... I want to ask you if you would come back, if you would ever be able to try it or if you've already decided that All this was nothing more than an illusion, that you let yourself go and you really didn't feel anything. I do not know. What I do know is that I miss each and every moment of the day, I wonder what you are doing now, and now, and now ... If you are happy, if you remember me as often as I do It happens to me or if continuing your life has become too easy for you.

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