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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sweet Home Mood

Model 糯美子 Mini An old teacher was already tired of hearing his disciple's constant complaints, so he thought he should teach him something that would make him rethink. One morning he asked her to bring him salt and when he returned, the teacher told him to throw a handful in a glass of water and then drink it. —How does water know now? Asked the wise old man. "Very salty," the disciple replied, looking disgusted. Enduring laughter the teacher told him to repeat the action, but instead of throwing the salt in a glass he did it in a lake. They walked without haste to a large lake in the middle of a village on the outskirts of their village and when the disciple fulfilled the order the venerable teacher asked him to drink. "What does he know now?" He asked. To which the apprentice replied: "This water is very cool." It doesn't taste like salt, it's a delight for the palate. Then the teacher holding his disciple's hands, said: —The pain of life is pure salt. There is always the same amount, however its taste depends on the container that contains the penalty. Therefore, when the adversities of life afflict you, the meaning of things enlarges. Stop being a glass and become a lake.

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