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Thursday, October 10, 2019

show me

Photos by Kanyaphat Wongrachata I have wanted to explain a few things about myself for a long time. They have taught me not to love myself too much because I never get to always be at the level of demand they ask me for. I have been told that what I do is not enough, that it is never enough, that I have to work harder. They have taught me to expect little because I will never receive and life, with its experiences, has been in charge of showing me that it is. They used to me that one day they loved me and the next no longer, even having me close, you don't want to imagine what it was like when they were away. I woke up seeing that the person who loved me yesterday, suddenly that day did not even want to see me, he no longer wanted to be with me but the next yes, and the other no. They have shown me that if they did not have me close they did not want to kiss me but that when I was present that desire would come back and then leave, and so on. They have taught me to be insecure. They have made me think that if I am not there are no feelings anymore. It's not your fault, I know that, but I'm marked. So I'm sorry if sometimes I show myself like this, unstable and made a sea of ​​doubts. They have taught me that, although I always want in the same way without ups and downs, I do not want the same. They have loved me very much, but not well.

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