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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Happiness Pool and Flowers

Model: Flower 朱可儿 There is a powerful exercise, very simple, that I started using some years ago. To those who find my way, be it a person or an insect, the first thought I assume regarding this moment is "I wish you happiness." And much more important than the idea was that first time he said "I wish you happiness." This completely transforms what will happen between you and that person. I say this from my personal experience. Sometimes, it is very difficult when you find your enemy or when you see yourself in unexpected situations. At this time, you create the opportunity to make more space around you. You see how that negative emotion disappears before it takes you and gives you time to transform it. You see things as they are, as simple and obvious ignorance, anger, fear, not of others, but as ignorance of me, of you. You transform this, you let it go, you turn to love. Try it, and see everything that will change in your life. I wish you happiness!

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