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Monday, October 14, 2019


Chayapa Concept : Yellow Cap
 Model : Chayapa Auckharashotinon 
 Photographer : Munin Suwannapirom They say that every change is good, even if it is not welcome at first. Life is in constant motion: dynamic, volatile, unpredictable. The natural thing is not that things always remain the same; On the contrary, the natural thing is change, evolution. However, the human being is an animal of customs and, therefore, sometimes it is very difficult for us to accept the new situations of our lives. We cling to what we know, to what is familiar to us, regardless of whether it makes us really happy or not. It is a dangerous attitude, because the principle of evolution dictates that we must adapt or die, change with our environment or end up disappearing without remedy. I know from experience what it feels like when something good disappears from your life. I have felt the immense pain of losing the worshiped: people, experiences, situations ... The soul is filled with a great sense of helplessness, as if Life had shown us a hint of complete happiness and then take it away without mercy. It is a physical pain in the chest, as if the heart literally broke.

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